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When you hire One Firefly, you’re working with a marketing partner who takes pride in building the overall look and image of your brand. There are many ways to go about this, but years of experience means One Firefly knows what works and what doesn’t. One constant of successful branding is consistent representation of a logo in all marketing exposure. Your logo is the visual representation that provides the most immediate emotional connection to your brand and communicates the very essence of your organization. It needs to accurately represent you and you should feel proud when you see it.

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Logo PhotoRealistic Template01 KodeBlu
Logo Template05 NewCinemaLab
Creative Services Branding Logo Nat Wir


Logo Refinement

When you want to maintain what is most familiar about your brand, but your current logo is past its prime and you'd like a fresh look for your company, One Firefly can refine your existing logo and give it a facelift. We will save you from an identity crisis and conceptualize your logo to be refined based on who your company is today, what emotion you're trying to convey, and who your target market is. Our Logo Refinement service brings your identity back in style.

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3 Logo PhotoRealistic Template03 BNC360
Creative Services Branding Logo Refinement Aud Com
Creative Services Branding Logo Refinement Ric Av


Logo Vector Recreation

If your existing logo is not scalable in its current format, our Logo Vector Recreation service will repair your logo and provide you with professionally rendered, fully-formatted artwork in all the formats you'll need to effectively manage your brand. We recreate your logo from the Raster or pixel based format (i.e. JPEG, BMP, PNG).


Raster (Before)

Vector (After)

Raster Zoom (Before)

Vector Zoom (After)