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One Firefly CM2.0 Content Marketing Service

CM2.0 sets the new standard for marketing in the digital era. CM2.0 was created to be simple, strategic and effective. CM2.0 is the latest iteration of our monthly content marketing service that has delivered effective results over the past three years for home technology professionals, including CE Pro 100 companies. It is the only solution that combines 3 marketing modules: 1) unique blogs with 2) eNewsletters and 3) Facebook management for an integrated digital marketing system. Plus it’s created and delivered by content managers exclusively focused on the custom electronics industry saving you time and maximizing overall success. CM2.0 positions you as a market leader to the audience that matters most: clients, referrals and referral sources including architects, designers and builders.

The Benefits:

  • Create Engagement
  • Stay Top of Mind
  • Position Your Brand as a Market Leader
  • Consistently Expand Your Website with Fresh Content
  • Increased Efficiency with Industry Focused Content Managers

CM2.0 is Innovative & Effective


CM2.0 simplifies the choice from endless digital marketing options down to an easy integrated system of 3 modules: unique blogs, eNewsletter, and Facebook. Innovation lies in a dedicated content manager who balances your company’s resources, business goals, and unique brand distinctions. The strategy is results-oriented and designed to each company’s specific growth goals for product categories, manufacturer partner brands, client and target audience demographics, and geography whether you’re local, regional or nationwide. It’s proven to build referral credibility and help firms become a market leader with consistent engagement and brand communication, ultimately leading to more sales opportunities.

The discovery, setup and deployment process has been fine-tuned requiring minimal effort, 1-2 hours on average, from your team and the entire system can be live within weeks.

Video: Watch the CM2.0 Introduction


Unique Blog

CM2.0’s foundation is consistently adding fresh blog content to grow your website’s online presence and keep it relevant to search engines and visitors while establishing your company as an industry authority. Blog articles are custom crafted to target referrals and customers for topics and geography which helps optimize local search engine performance


  • +   Conceptualization of each post independently and with your guidance
  • +   Copywriting (300-500 word average per post)
  • +   Copy developed from One Firefly content library modified to match editorial calendar goals for topic and geography 
  • +   Images, graphics, video, and multi-media integration as needed for the post
  • +   Blog articles will be categorized and tagged consistent with their respective topics
  • +   Monthly deliverables report





With CM2.0 you get the most out of your blog by pushing the message out to an audience most likely to engage with your content - your current, past and new customers, and your trade referrals sources such as architects, designers and builders. With eNewsletter services from One Firefly, we help you stay top of mind with your audience by leveraging your blog content where it will resonate most. eNewsletters offer a highly effective marketing tool for those integrators seeking to drive website traffic, generate new leads and sales, and increase readership of your company blog. One Firefly offers the only industry monthly eNewsletter featuring unique blog topic(s) plus 2 spotlights showcasing and linking to website content.



  • +    Blog topic(s) will be featured
  • +    Blog topic introduction copywriting (50+ words)
  • +    Images formatted (edited, resized) for newsletter layout
  • +    2 Featured Spotlights (showcase existing website content e.g. Project Gallery, Testimonials, etc. each represented by single thumbnail image, brief description (up to 50 words) and link back to web page



Facebook Management

Facebook Management

One Firefly will deliver a well-designed Facebook presence for your brand to expand its reach and drive engagement with customers, prospective clients, and trade referral sources such as architects, designers, and builders. One Firefly Social Media Management services keep content fresh and relevant on your Facebook page. Facebook is a great place to share company published content like Blog articles, eNewsletter spotlights, case studies, press releases, project photos, and YouTube videos.


  • +    Research current industry content from preferred manufacturers and AV industry press sources
  • +    Collect details regarding completed projects, awards and other company activities
  • +    Posting of pictures, videos and links to relevant information
  • +    Engage with your audience and page visitors through frequent, targeted posts
  • +    Respond to Facebook followers’ interactions on your behalf
  • +    Monthly deliverables report



Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

CM2.0 Facebook module packs a double-punch with frequent posts AND advertising dialed into appropriate demographics to expose your blog content to your target audience whether it’s end users or trade referral sources. Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective paid media options available for technology integrators to expose their brand to potential customers. One Firefly dials in your ad demographic target based on age, gender, interests, location and even relationship status. Ads are strategically created to capture attention and resonate with your ideal clientele.


  • +  Demographic targeting
  • +  Ad creation
  • +  Content will be posted per editorial calendar


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