Service Level Agreement: Digital Marketing Packages

Version 1.0 

Last Updated: June 19, 2020

This Service-Level Agreement (this “Agreement” or this “Service-Level Agreement”) is made by and between "Client” and One Firefly ("Supplier")
WHEREAS, customer is willing to continue with the Agreement indefinitely upon Supplier’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and Supplier confidently accepts the terms and conditions herein;
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and of the terms and conditions and the Service Levels, the Parties hereby agree as follows:


One Firefly offers a tiered set of packages for digital marketing services, each of which containing a combination of the following services*:

  1. Blogging establishes your company as an industry authority and consistently adds relevant and engaging content to your website. We craft 400-600 word articles that target your business’ customers, improve search engine optimization and drive organic traffic to your website. You will have the opportunity to target keyphrases that align with your business and either provide blog-specific angles or have writers choose angles from our existing topic library.
  2. Blog Topic Newsletters help you to get the most out of your blog by pushing your message out to an audience most likely to engage with your content - your current, past and new customers, and your trade referrals sources such as architects, designers and builders. All email marketing, such as newsletters, will be distributed to your contact list via CRM or Marketing Automation platform.
  3. Facebook Management services keep content fresh and relevant on your Facebook page. To drive engagement with your customers, prospective clients, and trade referral sources such as architects, designers, and builders, we will post a variety of company content that may include (based on availability) blog articles, relevant web pages on your site, Client-supplied content, case studies, press releases, project photos, and YouTube videos.
  4. Facebook Advertising will be optimized to assist in achieving your overall goals for digital marketing. Most often, ads will aim to deliver website traffic, but the strategists on your account may recommend other approaches if they better suit your needs. Most often, we will run campaigns that target your current customers or a segment of users likely to be worthwhile prospective customers to drive them to your website to read one of your latest blog articles.
  5. Display Ad Remarketing shows your message to individuals who have visited your website or engaged with your business as they navigate elsewhere throughout the web. These display ads assist in brand awareness and recall, and help to reinforce your message to visitors while they continue their research and normal browsing activities.
  6. Organic Linkedin Management is an effective tool to communicate your message to prospective clients who are likely to be business owners, entrepreneurs, and active professionals in their spaces. We will craft posts on behalf of your business page to promote your website and blog content to uniquely appeal to this space. Representatives of your business are encouraged to share these posts to their personal networks.
  7. Organic Instagram Management allows you the opportunity to show off the projects of which you’re most proud! Humanize your company by sending us original videos and photos of your team and projects, and we will craft them into compelling posts that drive engagement with your current and prospective customers.
  8. Review Champ is a review management platform. Online reviews are one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use to gain new customers and grow your business.
  9. Smart Layouts is a polished collection of interactive renderings specifically designed to be showcased on technology integrator's websites.
  10. UI University makes it easy for technology contractors to educate both prospects and clients using rich HD videos that depict how to operate the various aspects of a control system.
  11. Lead Concierge is a One Firefly-staffed live chat service that engages your website visitors with real-time support and answers to their pressing questions.

*All services also available ala cart. Many of the services defined above are components of integrated marketing packages. Contact your sales representative for current package pricing and details.

1. Communication

In addition to a regular campaign performance review meeting with a representative of One Firefly, the Client will also receive an appropriate amount of general, consultative communication from his or her Account Manager related to the services received. The Account Manager’s average time spent communicating monthly (outside of the performance review meeting) will correlate with the Client’s Dealer Priority as follows:

  1. Silver: .33 hours/month
  2. Gold: .5 hours/month
  3. Platinum: 1 hour/month
  4. Diamond: 1.5 hours/month
  5. Double-Diamond/Special: 2 hours/month

All representatives of the Client and One Firefly will communicate respectfully with each other via email, phone calls, video conferences, and face-to-face meetings.

2. Approval and Acceptance Process

For some products and services, One Firefly may request the Client’s review and approval of a deliverable. One Firefly will make all reasonable attempts at contacting the Client and ensuring an opportunity for review. However, if the Client does not respond to the request within five business days, One Firefly will progress the deliverable to the next logical step in the campaign. This will be done in the interest of maintaining consistency and timeliness of the Client’s marketing efforts. If the Client wishes to operate outside of this system, he or she should request to do so in advance of the production of the deliverable in question. Any agreements to operate otherwise must be documented.

Requests for approval may apply (but are not limited) to the following items:

  1. Editorial Calendars
  2. Blog Drafts
  3. Newsletter Drafts
  4. Custom Copywriting

3. Imagery

In some cases, content deliverables may require supporting imagery. If the Client is able to provide appropriate project imagery that fit the size and can be logically cropped to the required aspect ratio of the deliverable without compromising the integrity of the image, One Firefly will use that media as a first preference. In the case where the Client is unable to provide imagery that meets the outlined criteria, One Firefly will utilize other media options as outlined below.

3.1 Client Provided Imagery 

All images from the Client to be used in content marketing efforts must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Minimum 900 pixels wide
  2. Aspect ratio of 3:2 (or able to be reasonably cropped to this aspect ratio without compromise the content of the image)

3.2 Manufacturer Imagery 

One Firefly has cultivated a large collection of manufacturer-provided images which are available for use to the dealers of those specific brands. If the Client indicates that they are a dealer of a particular brand, One Firefly trusts that to be true and is free of liability of a Client showing manufacturer imagery that is found to be inappropriately used. 

3.3 Enhanced or Extended License Imagery 

We may also utilize enhanced or extended license stock imagery, which One Firefly has purchased for use on our clients sites and in final produced content. The Client may not use this imagery for other marketing and would likely need to separately purchase the appropriate image license for that purpose. 

3.4 One Firefly Media Gallery 

The One Firefly Media Library is strictly available for use in deliverables for those clients who have purchased and received a Mercury Pro website and are One Firefly hosting clients. All requirements in relation to this intellectual property can be referenced on our Terms of Use page

4. Product Deliverables: Blogs

4.1 Blog Length

A One Firefly blog is approximately 400-600 words long. 

4.2 Blog Imagery 

At standard pricing, each blog will feature exactly one image. The image is subject to the conditions outlined in section 3: Imagery. If the Client would like additional imagery in a blog, additional fees will apply. Only upon acceptance of the updated billing terms will changes be enacted.  

4.3 Local SEO Value 

For blogs written with a desired outcome of an increase to the website’s search engine optimization, One Firefly will follow standard best practices as determined by our product development team. Those practices may include the following: 

  1. Headers and subheaders 
  2. Internal links directing to other pages of the Client’s website
  3. References to local geographies 
  4. A keyphrase that fits the campaign strategy
  5. Imagery alt tags


To achieve optimum SEO results, One Firefly strongly recommends the Client’s website include capabilities for tagging and category pages. If the Client wishes to operate outside of this recommended architecture, ranking performance and traffic will almost certainly be significantly reduced. To assist in achieving the highest possible results, in some cases One Firefly will install a Joomla-based blog environment onto the Client’s subdomain. For details and requirements on this install, please reference the below table: Blog Setups by Content Management System (CMS).

4.4 Unique Blog Content

Original copy is vital to SEO performance which is why OneFirefly blogs will have no more than 30% copy duplicated from other online sources including, but not limited to, existing OneFirefly blogs and websites. All blogs will undergo internal audits using Gramarly software to ensure these standards are met.

4.5 Rewrites

In cases where the One Firefly team has produced factually accurate content in line with the accepted editorial calendar and client-provided angles, where applicable, rewrites will incur additional fees at a rate of 50% the standard blog price. Only upon acceptance of the updated billing terms will rewritten production begin.

Table 1: Blog Setup by Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

Native blogging compatible? 


Other Notes



Blog page, category widget, tag widget

Additional setup may only be required if the Client has a Joomla website that One Firefly did not produce. In this case, a blogging plugin or additional configuration may be recommended.


Additional setup may be required if the Client's website does not contain the requirements for optimal SEO Performance. In this case, One Firefly offers web design services and will make all reasonable attempts to incorporate requirements in the Client’s existing framework.



Native blog posting will likely deliver poor SEO performance. Building a Joomla or Wordpress blog on a subdomain is the recommended approach, if SEO performance is desired.


StudioTask (Relidy’s proprietary CMS)


Native blog is likely not an option. Building a Joomla or Wordpress blog on a subdomain is the recommended approach, if SEO performance is desired. 


One Firefly recommends the Client purchase a Joomla or Wordpress website featuring a blog. 

All other CMSs


One Firefly will address all other CMSs on a case by case basis. Website logins may be required in order to properly analyze whether a platform is suitable for blogging or not.

*One Firefly expects poor SEO performance, and is not to be held accountable for SEO performance, if the Client chooses to proceed with native blog content posting.

5. Product Deliverables: Blog Topic Newsletters

5.1 Newsletter Content

Email newsletters will feature a predetermined number of blogs produced within the same production month (up to four blogs featured). 

5.2 Spotlights

During the campaign launch phase, the Client will have the opportunity to choose two pages from his or her website to consistently feature every month as “spotlights.” The Client may also elect for One Firefly to choose the spotlight content for him or her. 

Every 12 months, the Client will have the option to update their spotlight content as a courtesy. Any change to those spotlights following delivery of the first newsletter and outside of this once yearly update may incur an additional cost. 

5.3 Approval 

Once One Firefly has sent the draft newsletter to the Client, he or she will have 5 business days to request changes or provide input. In an effort to maintain campaign consistency, if we do not receive feedback within that time frame, the newsletter will be considered approved and accepted, and will be sent to the Client’s contact list.

6. Product Deliverables: Social Media

6.1 Facebook Posts

Each Facebook post will feature one image or video. Unless otherwise agreed upon, posts will link to pages and blog content within the Client’s website. If the Client does not have a Facebook page, One Firefly will create one. 

6.2 Instagram Posts

The service of Instagram Posts will be activated once the Client has agreed to produce and send original photography and potentially videography to One Firefly on an ongoing monthly basis via Dropbox, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System, or shared Slack channel. If the Client has purchased Instagram posts, he or she will provide original photography or videography for those posts no later than the week prior they are scheduled for production. If the Client does not have an Instagram page, One Firefly will create one. 

6.3 Linkedin Posts

Linkedin content will be posted on behalf of the business page, and One Firefly asks that the Client and all appropriate employees share each post from their personal profiles to gain the greatest possible reach. If the Client does not have a Linkedin page, One Firefly will create one.

7. Product Deliverables: Display Ad Remarketing

One Firefly will arrange the setup for the necessary elements to run a display ad remarketing campaign, including tag implementation (upon receiving access to implement code onto the Client’s relevant website) and artwork creation. New artwork development will be determined by the purchased scope. 

8. Product Scope: Review Champ

Review Champ is considered launched/delivered when the Client receives their unique platform link. One Firefly will offer training resources as well as one session of live video training per Client upon request to ensure that all applicable parties are comfortable utilizing the product. Additional training may incur additional cost. 

Once the necessary conditions are met, a review stream module consisting of an aggregate rating from the web and displaying the client’s positive reviews will be installed on the client’s site. Those conditions are as follows:

  1. A review with at least four (4) stars has populated.
  2. One Firefly has been provided appropriate credentials and access to the Client’s website. 

Review stream is added to the footer so it appears "globally". For websites not developed by One Firefly, placement will be dependent on web designer discretion.

In all cases, Web Designer will match the embed of Review Stream to the website, dependent on limitations of the embed. Upon cancellation, the review stream module will be removed.

You may cancel anytime with no contracts or strings attached.

9. Product Scope: UI University

This monthly service includes up to five (5) manufacturer libraries personalized to include the Client’s contact information, plus an option for an SEO-configured webpage to showcase your UI University content. If you’d like additional libraries, they can be added with an additional fee. 

Production can begin upon receipt of a transparent-background logo in PNG or EPS format, website URL, and library selections. One of two scenarios will apply for video installation:

  1. If the Client has a website developed by One Firefly, and we have received website login credentials, we will place UI University videos on a dedicated page. Page style and design will depend upon the Client’s website. 
  2. For third-party websites (those not produced by One Firefly), the Client will receive a discrete URL to include the videos in their library. The scope and installation details will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

The Client will also receive links to library videos for distribution to clients or social media.

Upon cancellation of the service, all UIU video links will be deactivated. 

10. Product Scope: Smart Layouts

The Smart Layouts interactive renderings will reflect the relevant package selections below.

Standard Layout Package:

  • Select from our library of predefined layouts.

Custom Layout Package:

  • Select up to 10 solution topics per layout
  • For custom packages exceeding 10 topics, additional fees may apply.

All clients must provide One Firefly with all necessary access credentials in order to embed content, including the following: 

  • Website Admin Credentials
  • FTP Credentials

If the Client has a One Firefly website, these credentials will only need to be provided if the client has changed them. If the Client has a Non-One Firefly website we may require additional access to server or cPanels to complete the work.

Deployment of the Smart Layouts Package will depend upon the Client’s website, as outlined below.

  • One Firefly Website: One Firefly will deploy the Smart Layout/s to the client site on a dedicated page.
  • Non One Firefly Website (Wordpress): One Firefly will deploy the Smart Layout/s to the client site on a dedicated page.
  • Non One Firefly Website (Non Wordpress): Clients will have the option for One Firefly to install the Smart layout, or to install it themselves.  If the client chooses to install the Smart layout/s themselves, One Firefly will provide the client the embed code and installation instruction for the client to add to their website.

Support for, and Limitations of, the Service include: 

  • Best Effort Support: One Firefly will exhaust all reasonable efforts to assist with installation of Smart Layouts for Clients with Non-One Firefly produced websites but cannot guarantee the successful deployment should challenges be presented that exceed one hour of support. Additional support is available for purchase. 
  • Limitation of Service: Under our "Best Effort" support policy, One Firefly may run into challenges that prevent us from successfully deploying Smart layouts to a customer's site.  This is particularly true should the website not meet the requirements for the installation. If the website is not on a responsive framework, the smart layouts will not work responsively.

Smart layouts rely on a standard web language base and a few file components to work together in the rendering of the layout.  Those requirements include the following:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Website or server does not block iframes
  • Responsive Framework (high recommended but not required)

The Smart Layouts page will remain live on the Client’s website as long as the Client continues paying the monthly fee. Upon cancellation of the service, the Smart Layouts module will be deactivated. 

11. Product Scope: Lead Concierge

The live chat service that engages your website visitors with real-time support and answers to their pressing questions will be enabled on your website per the detail below. In addition to a One Firefly-staffed chat service, the Client will also receive after-hours tickets for user form submissions. There are three available tiers of the service. 

  1. Tier 1 Service
    1. Up to 100 chat engagements per month
    2. Unlimited leads
    3. Unlimited customer service requests
    4. Chat agents available Monday through Friday 9am - 6pm (local time)
  2. Tier 2 Service
    1. Up to 100 chat engagements per month
    2. Unlimited leads
    3. Unlimited customer service requests
    4. Chat agents available Monday through Sunday 9am - 6pm (local time)
  3. Tier 3 Service 
    1. Pricing varies based on number of chat engagements (exceeding 100/month)
    2. Chat agents available Monday through Sunday 9am - 6pm (local time)
    3. Tier 3 Pricing based on quarterly (rolling 2 months) average chat engagements

In addition to receiving lead information on the same day someone expresses interest in the Client’s services, the Client will also receive a monthly report with the number of chats, leads, and service requests.

12. Revisions to Creative Deliverables

Clients may request the following number of revisions, dependent on the type of deliverable, without incurring additional cost: 

  1. Blogs: two revisions within two months of receiving the deliverable
  2. Newsletters: two revisions prior to the newsletter being sent (please note: the Client will have 5 business days from the time of receiving the draft newsletter to request a revision. If the Client does not request the revision within this time, the newsletter will send as-is). 
  3. Social media posts: one revision within one month of the content being posted
  4. Social media ads: two revisions within the first two weeks of the ad’s live date

Beyond those limits, additional edits will be billed hourly. The following types of revisions will also incur the hourly rate, even if they are within the above listed limits: 

  1. A requested deviation from a previously-approved topic or client-provided angle
  2. A change in products which the Client sells, unless One Firefly was made aware of the shift 

Revisions will be completed within the timeline corresponding to the client’s priority status below: 

  1. Silver: 10 business days from client request
  2. Gold: 10 business days from client request
  3. Platinum: 10 business days from client request
  4. Diamond: 5 business days from client request
  5. Double-Diamond/Special: 5 business days from client request

13. First Month’s Deliverable Timing

Assuming payment has been received, launch timing for each component of a digital marketing package will adhere to the following standards, following the completion of onboarding (client has supplied One Firefly with all requested items to enable us to begin production of requested services)*: 

  1. Lead Concierge (Section 11): 2 business days 
  2. Review Champ (Section 8): 2 business days 
  3. Blogging (Section 4): If the Client has approved and accepted the editorial calendar by the fifth business day of the month, One Firefly will begin production within the same calendar month. If approval and acceptance is received following this date, then blog production will begin at the beginning of the following month. 
  4. Blog Topic Newsletters: Dependent upon the completion of the first month’s blog production as well as receipt of a contact list from the Client. 
  5. Social Media Management: Dependent upon the approval and acceptance of the editorial calendar.  
  6. Social Media Advertising: Dependent upon the approval and acceptance of the editorial calendar.  
  7. Remarketing Display Ads: Dependent upon the approval and acceptance of the editorial calendar.   
  8. Smart Layouts: 10 business days 
  9. UI University: 20 business days 

Providing the Client has provided One Firefly with all necessary items to complete production prior to the month’s start, and providing his or her production is not otherwise on hold due to a request or a payment issue, the Client can expect to receive all draft versions of blogs and newsletters prior to 5 business days following the end of the month. 

One Firefly will produce and post organic social media content in an evenly-distributed time frame throughout the month. (Example: if a Client has purchased 4 Facebook posts in a month with 4 weeks, One Firefly will post once per week throughout the month.) 

Digital advertisements that are scheduled to run for a set duration will all begin within the month billed. They may continue to run into the following month dependent on planned and agreed upon duration. 

*In cases where the Client has purchased a new website which is still in development, all services except for Review Champ may be launched after the new website is live. These details will be agreed upon by all parties. 

14. Cancellation

The Client may cancel recurring monthly services at any point with a 30-day written notice.  

If the Client wishes to cancel within the first three months of a digital marketing campaign, there will be a cancellation fee of one month’s service fee. If the Client wishes to cancel within 4-6 months of the campaign’s start, there will be a cancellation fee of 25% of one month’s service fee. “One month’s service fee” will reflect either the campaign’s first month or last month, whichever is greater. If the Client fails to pay the cancellation fee, One Firefly reserves the right 

to send the invoice to a collections agency. 

By using One Firefly products and services, you agree to the most recent version of this Service Level Agreement. When the Service Level Agreement is revised, we will provide email notification regarding updates. 

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